Overview of the Center for HCIE


Core Research Thrusts

Faculty Research Interest and Publication List

  • T1 and T4) Nanoengineering & Human-Machine Interfaces – Dr. Hong Yeo in Mech. Eng. – [LINK]

  • T2) Cognitive Neuroscience – Dr. Audrey Duarte in Psychology – [LINK]

  • T3) Machine Learning and Bioinformatics – Dr. Gari Clifford in Biomedical Engineering – [LINK]

  • T1) Human-Robot Interactions – Dr. Sang Leigh in Industrial Design – [LINK]

  • T2) Human Physiology – Dr. Minoru Shinohara in Biological Sciences – [LINK]

  • T4) Medical Robotics – Dr. Jaydev Desai in Biomedical Engineering – [LINK]

  • T3) Deep Learning and Control – Dr. Sehoon Ha in Interactive Computing – [LINK]

  • T4) Energy and Nanomaterials – Dr. Seung Woo Lee in Mechanical Engineering – [LINK]