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About Us @ Georgia Tech 

The IEN Center for Human-Centric Interfaces and Engineering (Center for HCIE) is a new initiative at Georgia Tech Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology.

We have an overarching vision to enhance human health via multi-disciplinary research collaboration, which brings a unique opportunity to Georgia Tech to tackle the healthcare grand challenge. The new center, offering collaborative research environments, is making fundamental breakthroughs in human-centered design, machine learning, biofeedback control, and integrated nanosystem, which significantly advances human-machine interaction and human healthcare.

Director: Dr. W. Hong Yeo, Woodruff Faculty Fellow, Associate Professor at Georgia Tech, Pettit Microelectronics Research Center, 791 Atlantic Drive, Atlanta, GA 30332, Office: 404-385-5710, Fax: 404-894-1658, and Email:

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